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Being an Ally: What Does That Mean and Why Is It Relevant?

According to an ally is: “a person who associates or cooperates with another; supporter.” It sounds relatively simple right? …Supporting someone else? After doing a quick Google search on “how to be an ally” I learned that it is … Continue reading

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Swim With Me?

I grew up in St. Joseph, Missouri, San Francisco, and Shawnee, Kansas. These three places are drastically different from one another for several reasons. Besides having superior barbecue, in Kansas and Missouri my neighborhoods were almost entirely made up of Caucasian … Continue reading

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Swim With Me?

“Responsibility I believe accrues through privilege. People like you and me have an unbelievable amount of privilege and therefore we have a huge amount of responsibility. We live in free societies where we are not afraid of the police; we … Continue reading

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