Pandora’s Box

With human and civil rights issues I’ve found that knowledge is like a pandora’s box. Once you start to learn about it you can’t “unknow”  it. You can’t pretend it isn’t happening.

Modern day slavery. Sexual assault. Racism.

You can’t watch movies like Walk of Shame and not be uncomfortable at the microaggressions and jokes with a racist fray in them.

To open the Pandora’s box is to constantly be aware of unjust situations. It is so frustrating and can be quite isolating.

For example, I recently watched the movie Dear White People and after watching the movie I had the “feels.” (By the way DWP was an excellent movie I think should be compulsory for, well, everyone. But especially for college students.)

But who I am to share that I have the “feels”with?  It isn’t a black person’s responsibility to help me wade through how unjust our systems and processes are, and to hold my hand along the way. They are experiencing it first hand.

I should be turning to other white people to try and explain the “feels” and create more understanding.

But a lot of people haven’t opened up the pandora’s box yet. A lot of people like to pretend the box doesn’t exist. The world would be simpler if the box didn’t exist. But the box stays there, and you can’t ignore it.

That’s all for today.


About banksceleste

Emory Graduate. Fulbright Grantee in Taiwan. From Kansas City. Love: running, hiking, baking, cooking, and entertaining. Ig: celeste_b23 Twitter: mcbanks7
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